Wednesday, September 28, 2016

When we meet again

Years later shall we meet
In a cafe in a stranger part
Of this world.
I will read poetry to you, and
You will read poetry to me
While sipping coffee, and
Not knowingly
We will drink from each other.
We will talk about how
Poets pour life in words.
We will talk about men
And women who failed
In writing good verses, like us.
We will talk about men,
And women who couldn't weave
A better story.
And when the evening falls
We will walk till our roads divide.
It'll be time to depart again
And I would stand firm before you
Under the moonlit sky, and
You'll bid me a goodbye forever!

©Chandrajit Mitra

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Confession 8 (I write about no one else)

I write about You
And no one else.
I write about your eyes.
I write about your lies.
I write about every
Single thing you despise.
I write about You
And no one else.
When the wind blows away
The pages of my notebook
I can feel your soft hair
On my face, as if You,
You were standing
Right beside me.
I write about you
And no one else.
I could feel your aroma
And the sound of those bangles
Never lie; You were there.
As if the pages on which I wrote
Poetry about you and your eyes
Would crumble down at your touch
And grab your finger tips
To greet the woman they never met;
The woman whose beauty
Their breasts are inked with.

©Chandrajit Mitra

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Confession 7 (You were like the rain)

You were like the rain - moist and blue,
Drizzling on hot gloomy sundays.
I would go out although I wouldn't have to
And smell you falling on the greens.
You were like the bird that flew
Across the spring morning,
Charmed with the songs of love
As if it is you I belonged to.
You were like the seven-coloured rainbow
Each of whose colours signifies a tale;
Tales with blessed ending,
Tales where it is you I belonged to.

©Chandrajit Mitra

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

For beloved

There lies heaven in the depth of your eyes
There you play music for my soul,
There's thirst in each of the pores on my skin
And the piper sings,
Beloved, where all my life have you been?
- Dancing, dancing in the woods
To the howling clouds,
Dancing across the brook.
The piper asks, Beloved, with whom?
- With the sky, the trees, the northern breeze,
They bit me into pieces, the cold wind;
They tore me apart and asked - beloved
Won't you dance with me?
I stood beneath the fall
Did the mountains call
- "Beloved sing, sing about the rain"!
The piper weeps, beloved, where have you been?
- Singing, singing blues, singing about you and me.

©Chandrajit Mitra