Wednesday, September 7, 2016

For beloved

There lies heaven in the depth of your eyes
There you play music for my soul,
There's thirst in each of the pores on my skin
And the piper sings,
Beloved, where all my life have you been?
- Dancing, dancing in the woods
To the howling clouds,
Dancing across the brook.
The piper asks, Beloved, with whom?
- With the sky, the trees, the northern breeze,
They bit me into pieces, the cold wind;
They tore me apart and asked - beloved
Won't you dance with me?
I stood beneath the fall
Did the mountains call
- "Beloved sing, sing about the rain"!
The piper weeps, beloved, where have you been?
- Singing, singing blues, singing about you and me.

©Chandrajit Mitra